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The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

 By: Peter Masters

The complete Baptist confession of faith in updated English by Peter Masters,  in an expanded form to aid in the understanding of certain difficult words and phrases.
It presents a detailed view of the historic Reformed faith, where every major Bible doctrine adressed is well supported scripturally. The Confession was first crafted in 1689.

Spurgeon said of this Confession: This ancient document is a most excellent statement of the things most surely believed among us.  By the preserving hand of the triune God we have been kept faithful to the great points of our glorious Gospel,and we feel more resolved perpetually to abide by them.

Peter Master has been a Pastor at C.H Spurgeon's church - the Metropolitain Tabernacle -since 1970.  To get a copy of this book please check the following link (isbn 1-870855-24-8)  or ask at New Covenant Baptist Reformed Church.